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Snakes 3D Full Screen


You will never get bored when playing Slither Style Snake games online, and is one of them that you shouldn’t miss out a chance to play. It’s also a nice Snake game keeping you entertained for hours. Similar to other predecessors, in this one, you also take control of a little snake around the arena to eat up as many foods as possible to grow your size. When you get bigger, you can make use of your big body to encircle other enemy snakes and force them to crash into you. Or, you can speed up to bypass them and make them run into you, killing them instantly. However, you shouldn’t accelerate your snake too much because your mass will be reduced over time, so you need to use this feature wisely. Do not let your head touch another snake, or else you will end up getting destroyed. Do whatever it takes to stay alive until you become the largest snake in the arena!

How to play

Move your snake using the mouse and click the left mouse to speed up.

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