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Slither gives the chance to become the longest dragon. Play and eat as much food as you can in Slither unblocked to become a giant dragon.

About Slither

This exciting Slither game allows you to experience in the exciting dragon world. Be the player with the highest score in the series of players competing.

Slither 3D and the race to be the longest dragon

When participating in Slither unblocked, actively control your dragon to eat as many eggs of the opponent. This is a way to help you to grow in size quickly and become a giant dragon in the game.

Play Slither unblocked and pay attention to avoid collision

However, when playing Slither snake game, keep in mind that the longer the dragon, the higher the risk of a collision. Therefore, you need to skillfully control your dragon. And avoid letting it touch the enemy if you do not want to lose your life.

Like Slither snake 3D game, this game also offers extremely interesting levels with interesting games. So, try to get the highest score in this multiplayer io games. Compete with other players in a fun way when playing this slither io game.

Become a giant and powerful dragon in Slither 3D today.

How to play

Control in the game using Joystick.

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