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About takes players to chaotic situations at school. Where you will participate in the never-ending battle between students and teachers, which side will you choose?

You have two choices in this game, that is to become a student or a teacher. Each option will have a relatively different way of operating, but in general, they will complement each other to create an attractive gameplay. unblocked, make your choice, or alternate between the two factions to feel the fun.

If the player chooses to become a student, the player’s task is simply to try to control his character to cause chaos. You are not alone in the cause of school chaos, other students also have similar interests. Therefore, work with them to create special destruction.

Like other multiplayer io games, you can use a variety of objects to carry out the destructive process. For example, paint cans, fire extinguishers, or whatever is available in the school. Of course, you also have to hide from the teacher, if caught you will be detained immediately.

Conversely, if you choose the side of the teacher, you will find a way to identify the names of the rebellious students to convict them. At the same time, there will be a lot of innocent students, wrong conviction will get you in quite a lot of trouble.

Don’t let the rebel stat reach 100, if that happens the student side will win. Compared to other io games school on the market. This game really stands out thanks to its unique gameplay and competition. Try playing for kids online now to explore school in your own way.

How to play

Use the mouse and keyboard sensibly to control the character in the game

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