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Snakes 3D Full Screen

About Pikes.io

Pikes.io is one of the best classic Io games available on Android and Web. Get ready to join a great combat and play against millions of people for free! Show your power and dominate the whole arena as soon as possible! In order to reach the goal and become the top player, do not forget to attack the enemy, obtain kills, loot idle squares to increase your speed. Especially, you need to grow your pike quickly by successfully destroying the target. Once it gets longer and bigger, you will be defended better or finish off the other easier. In some cases, you can accelerate to catch up with the prey or simply escape hunters. To compensate the boost that you have used, just pick up pieces on the floor. Hitting knights who have the higher score will allow you to earn more points and climb up to the leaderboard faster. It is also a good strategy. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate, left click or Space to speed boost.

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Maximus always feels busy with personal projects, especially for the operation and development of this website. He always wants to get the best products to create a fun playground for everyone. The friendliness and diligence help the user create sympathy with those around him.

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