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Maximus April 14, 2018 Io Games 1165

Snakes 3D Full Screen

About is an addictive MMO racing game. Participate in a cool challenge and you will compete with other players for the top spot. In order to become the King and dominate the leaderboard, you should own the most kill, survive, and earn the highest score. To eliminate somebody, you will use the available bumper. Choose the proper time and smash into sides of the rear of the target car. If you want to continue your challenge and win, do not forget to keep you safe by avoiding all of the hits from the enemy. Or, you can choose your weapon to stop them before they cause the death of you. Moreover, you are able to perform a dash and flee from the foe rapidly. It is also useful to catch the prey. Especially, you can grow your tool in size by eating nuts scattered across the battlefield. Let’s engage and drift your way!

How to play

Use the mouse to drift, left click or tap Space to dash.

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