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About Nightwalkers

Nightwalkers is a cool MMO tower defense game in which you will play against with hordes of zombies to survive and compete with other players to become the top character. A sudden outbreak has happened. The undead appears everywhere. You’d better avoid those monsters. However, you can shoot down them if you want to loot their items including guns, ammo, and other supplies which help you improve your fighting ability. While you are roaming around the village, do not forget to pick up resources, for instance, wooden pieces. They are available on the ground. These materials will allow you to set up turrets or something like a base. In order to climb up to the highest position faster, you can choose to cooperate with other strangers. Create a team and remember to cover those friends! Furthermore, try to progress to obtain more upgrades! Let’s experience and defeat all of the enemies now!

How to play

Press WASD to roam, Left click to fire, Right click to melee attack, B to build.

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