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Play free online now and discover a multiplayer survival simulator. Your mission is to survive as long as possible by demonstrating your needs and defeating others.

Join the game, you will live with many other people in a large virtual world. Everyone has the same goal, which is to be the last survivor. To do that, some will find a way to beat the rest to gain an advantage. So, what is your survival strategy and how far can you go?

The world of this multiplayer io game is just like real life. If you want to survive here, you must ensure the needs such as eating, going to the toilet, resting and entertainment. Your character will tell you what he needs and your job is to fulfill the requirements.

You will work to earn cash and then use it to buy necessary items. For example, you will need to go to a convenience store to buy drinks and food. In addition, you also need to pay for the toilet service or rent a bedroom at the hotel. Do things your way and please spend your money wisely!

Just like, this game brings you into the battle for survival with many people. So people won’t hesitate to beat you to increase their chances of survival. Of course, you can also hit others but please make sure your HP.

So if you love a realistic survival experience, Nend io unblocked game is for you. You have to live like a real resident in the virtual city, have to work, rest, eat and compete for survival. You can also see the achievements of other people on the menu in the right corner of the screen.

How to play

Control character move with WASD, attack with left mouse. Use the E key to interact with in-game features. Click “Enter” to chat with friends

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