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About unblocked game is fairly simple. Your mission is to slice other Narwhales in half while you are avoiding being sliced. When you can destroy an opponent, you will gain lots of stat buffs. For example, you can speed up, get a stronger horn, turn faster or the stamina will increase and much more. Remember that everything in the battle will happen very quickly. Thus, you also should choose the safest direction to move and protect yourself. In addition to this, the map of is pretty cramped. It becomes more difficult for you to manage and run away. Also, it’s extremely hard to climb up the top spot on the leaderboard. To lunge and remove the target, you must act wisely and swiftly. With the mouse in your hand, you can play in your way. Let’s choose the region, enter the nickname and take part in the challenge right now! Good luck!

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How to play

Use the mouse to move, left click to boost.

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