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Maximus January 9, 2019 3D Games, Battle Royale, Free For All, Io Games 3494

Snakes 3D Full Screen

About n00b.io

n00b.io is a tough 2D Shooter survival game taken in a huge world inspired by Minecraft game. You play as a fighter armed with a set of different weapons and equipment, so have them ready then jump into the fight against multiple opponents from across the world. You need to utilize your given weapons to finish off all enemies and deal as much damage to them as possible, at the same time, you have to protect yourself from soaking massive damage from them, or else you will end up getting destroyed. Don’t forget to watch your ammo count, reload your guns in time so you can continue shooting down other opponents. During the game, you should also find some strategic places on the map where you can earn an advantage or use as a hideout. Playing with good strategies give you a better chance of winning, and you will finally become the champion fighter!

How to play

Move your fighter using arrow keys or WASD. Fire with the left mouse, jump with the spacebar and sprint with key Shift.

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