Little Big Snake

Maximus January 4, 2018 Io Games 73

About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake game is a great playfield where you are able to check out your survival ability through 150 levels. Play together with friends or defend against other snakes and scary creatures for the top spot. Enter the new map and you can instantly depart in order to find food. Eat glowing colored orbs on the ground and absorb dead bodies to gain mas as well as grow longer. Watch out! When you are huge and own a crown, you will quickly become the prey. So, keep an eye on everything in the surroundings and avoid running into somebody’s tail or a rock. However, it is not all. You will be offered another game called Juja’s. It is similar to the first one. But, you will be able to fly and discover the environment as a bug. Just focus on gathering nectar and defeat every enemy around you like slugs and other insects. Level up and you can unlock lots of cool upgrades. Let’s have fun with your journey and set the best record now!

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How to play

Use the mouse to roam around the map, left click to boost.

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