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Snakes 3D Full Screen

About is one of the featured Slither style games. Similar to some io games, this title contains 3 different modes and it is completely free for all to play online from now on. Aside from PC, you can download and enjoy on your phones. Actually, you are going to enjoy a challenge that is also available for Android and iOS users. The main aim of you in the new match is to build the biggest team.

Start the adventure in unblocked as a chicken and you should roam throughout the playfield carefully to search for eggs. These will automatically hatch and turn into minions. They help your tail get longer. Besides, you can loot the remains of those who have been cut off. In, you are allowed to attack other players. Depending on the room you opt for, you can go with teammates or alone. It’s simple to speed up if you want to run away or chase something. Good luck!

How to play

Click Left Mouse and drag it to move, tap Space to go faster, Right Mouse to attack


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