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About unblocked is an online fishing game with a multiplayer appearance. Your task is to fish the biggest fish, sell in the market for profit and conquer the ranking

Fishing is one of the sports that help us relax after the stresses of life. You will also have to prepare a lot of specialized equipment along with patience to start fishing. Therefore, many people choose to fish through games because of the nature of work and do not have too much free time.

If you have not found a suitable name to experience, try unblocked. This is a fishing io game that is receiving a lot of love from the player community around the world. Here, you can join in fishing with all other players around the world to form a strong community.

Before you start, create yourself an account so you can save game progress. This will help you to play the game next time without worrying about data loss. All you need to do is simply drop the fishing line to catch the right fish for profit.

Then use this money to upgrade equipment to be ready for the next fishing. The most important key to winning the game is to touch and hold the hook in the green area. After that, the fishing process will begin to take place, if you touch the right green area, you will catch fish.

Competition is what makes other multiplayer io games online stand out. But in Fishington io, it’s the exact opposite, this game wants to create a sustainable community of players and bring moments of an interesting experience. Therefore, you will not feel too much pressure in terms of achievements, instead enjoy your fishing progress.

How to play

Move the hook with WASD keys or arrow keys, hold down the mouse to fish

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