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It’s kind of entertaining to play Fidget Spinner in real life, and now, with Fidgetio game, you will experience much more challenges and find it more engaging. is a web-browser game that you can totally access for free. You will be forced to compete against multiple enemies from across the world, making the game more competitive. All you have to do is to control your fidget spinner around a big map to gather scores to grow your spinner power. Once you have reached a safe amount of spin power, you can totally run into the nearest spinners to wipe them out before somebody crashes into you, killing you instantly. This is the only way you will do to destroy your enemies! But it requires you to have a lot of spin power. Therefore, you should never stop gathering scores if you want to eliminate your opponents. Try your best to stay alive then reach the highest rank on the leaderboard!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your fidget spinner and click the left mouse to speed up.

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