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About Duals.io

Duals.io is a great multiplayer online game like Braains.io. You are stranded in an extremely interesting and dangerous world. In which, you have to face up to hordes of zombies along with other aggressive opponents. To escape from that land, you need to keep yourself safe from the enemy as long as possible. Aside from that, collecting kills is a good idea to help you rank up and dominate the leaderboard. Fortunately, you will have the chance to pick up several different powerful weapons in the path. Try to take control of the equipment skillfully to wipe out everything around! Besides, turn on the auto fire mode if you are tired. Not only that, remember to find out the shop and visit that place. It is always ready to provide to the player a lot of exciting items. Let’s engage the combat and see if how long you can withstand!

How to play

Use arrows to move, Enter to chat, right click to open the shop, the mouse wheel to change the weapon, F to auto fire.

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