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About Dizzytroopers.io

Dizzytroopers.io unblocked is a unique Arcade-style 2D shooter game that has been released for a while. You will play Dizzytroopers.io game online for free against opponents from around the world, and this is a chance for you to prove your skills. The game is about fighting to decrease your dizziness for a chance of winning!

Each player spawns with a specific level of the dizziness, which is reflected by the number of yellow stars circling your player. When you move around the map, you have to take aim and launch shots to kill enemies. When you kill them, you will drop some yellow stars, which makes your dizziness decrease. When you have no yellow stars left, you will stop spinning and are rewarded with the ability to aim. If you encounter enemies with more stars than you, their dizziness will be decreased by 1 yellow star. You have to be careful and protect yourself from their attacks, or you will get back 1 yellow star when respawning. The point of Dizzytroopers.io is to become the best player with the top rank on the leaderboard! Have fun!

How to play

PC controls: Move your character using WASD or arrow keys, shot enemies using the left mouse button, aim by moving the mouse when you don't feel dizzy. Mobile controls: Use the left joystick to move, the crosshair button on the right to shoot, the on-screen joystick in the place of crosshair button to aim, and shoot when you don't feel dizzy.

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