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About is one of the best MMO survival games that you should experience. You will be trapped in a strange world with multiple opponents and friends. You should quickly find some allies and set up a small team later. Your alliance will help you when you are in danger. But, you need to return the favor and give your teammates a hand so they can escape deadly attacks. Besides, your winning or survival ability will be improved once you own powerful weapons or tools. A hatchet will be the initial item that any character will have to craft after they spawn in Additionally, do not forget to build a bunker, make a hat, or find food to collect seeds which allow you to produce more nutritious substances. If you progress, you are advised to generate guns. Aside from difficulties from the enemy, you must avoid the radiation or you will die. Good luck!

How to play

Press Arrows or WASD to move, LMB to hit, E to interact with items, Shift to speed up, M to open the map, C to craft.

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