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Maximus August 24, 2018 Io Games 1037

Snakes 3D Full Screen

About is a crazy crashing game that you can enjoy with multiple enemies on the same map. Choose a car that you want to drive. Next, you can start to roam around the new playfield in order to hunt other vehicles. You are able to use the nitro in case you’d like to boost your movement speed and if you are going to bump into somebody harder. If you are successful in killing the target, what you are controlling will grow bigger. That change will provide you an advantage over the rivals. However, you are also recommended to evade anybody who is stronger, especially when they are about to attack and eliminate you. It will allow you to survive and continue to enjoy your challenge. Like other Io games, the main aim is to become the top winner who dominates the leaderboard. Let’s explore various means and the simple gameplay your way now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up, RMB to brake.

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