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About is a free-to-play classic strategy game. Check the new challenge inspired by Slither style and get ready to meet up with tons of crazy enemies. You will take control of a snake and your mission is not only to dominate the top spot on the leaderboard but also to become the longest or biggest creature on the map. Before you achieve that goal, you need to eat everything on the path. They will consist of passively generating food dots available on the ground along with energy pellets that you can absorb from the dead players. The second source will bring back a lot of mass to you. Actually, you are allowed to frontal assault if you are larger. Or, you can choose the appropriate time to cut parts which are equal to your size. If you are successful, quickly approach and collect all before the others loot. While you are wandering around the playfield, you can hide in rocks to evade predators. Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to control your snake, click to boost, Space to reverse.

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