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Snakes 3D Full Screen


Join endless battles with a tiny creature named Chomper in the game of the same name. will bring you fierce competition between players around the world. multiplayer owns the gameplay of the traditional iO games that have been released before. In this game, the player will control his character to move around and eat delicious food on the map to level up. When reaching the certain number of points, your character will have a larger appearance and longer attack range.

The diverse weapons is also an important factor to make the battles more exciting. You can use weapons like a trident, staff, carrot mace, or even a banana to fight the enemy. unblocked, this game requires players to focus on developing themselves before attacking other enemies. Once you get bigger, you will have an advantage over your enemies in each match. What else would you expect from an HTML5 free online game like this?

How to play

Help the character move around by your mouse, using the left mouse to perform attacks

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