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You can test your chess skills when you play online. It is the oldest and most addictive chess-based game of all time to challenge the most talented.

Strategy io games are always the choice of many online gamers, especially those who love logic and strategy games. Then let unblocked challenge you to new levels of strategy with the familiar gameplay of chess. Chess is probably no stranger to every player, as it is a traditional game and has a long history. The chess playing mechanism here has a few small changes to bring a new and more vivid experience. However, you will see familiar chess pieces like King, Queen, Rook, Statue and more. You own a chess piece in your hand from the beginning and must try to help it survive to the end. There will be many levels for you to show off your chess skills. Besides, many new and more unique challenges will also make you so excited that you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

Your task in each game screen and control your chess on the chessboard and collect rewards. With wise moves, you can collect lots of gold coins or even reward chests. They will help unlock new chess pieces for more creative gameplay. At the same time, you can accumulate points and unlock exciting new levels to discover new challenges. Note, besides the bonus, you also need to collect the pieces of the enemy’s pieces. You can become the greatest strategist of all time with your classic chess team. So, what are you waiting for without participating in the mutliplayer free for all levels here?

How to play

Move your chess pieces with WASD or left click, hold and drag.

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