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Begods Online

Maximus August 30, 2017 Io Games 288

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About Begods Online

Begods Online is a new multiplayer online game where you will have the chance to meet up with strange aliens and discover an interesting adventure together. The main aim is to become the top player who owns the most number of the resources and takes over the highest position on the leaderboard. Remember that you also need to unlock the final level, too! Take control of a spaceship and drift through the playing field to search for what you want. Collect every debris of planets that have been destroyed in order to build up a solar system by yourself. It is important to make you stronger and increase the winning chance. You’d better defend it. Aside from that, you can compete against other opponents and get power-ups to develop the database. Black holes are not dangerous. They are similar to portals that you can use to move to another location. Let’s play and share with your friends! Have much fun!

How to play

Use the left mouse to control your spaceship.

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