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Maximus May 3, 2022 Io Games 5295

Snakes 3D Full Screen

About unblocked is a simple and lovely survival game, inspired by the classic snake game. You start with a cell and must grow over time to compete with others.

This game is quite similar to Worms.Zone game, but it is more friendly and novel. It is a fun online playground for many players to compete against each other and become wild creatures of massive size. Size dictates your strength and advantage on the map, work to get bigger and be the last one standing.

You just need to move the mouse on the map to control your cell. Initially, your character is just a small and solitary cell, but it can become a real living being. You need to help it consume as many cells as possible to get bigger over time while protecting it from others.

You can’t swallow cells that are bigger than you, that’s a principle you need to know. So when you are too small to destroy others, it is best to keep your distance from your opponent and try to hone your size. When you have more advantages, why not look for those weaker than you and devour them?

This iO free game also gives you many other great things to explore. You can change the skin of your cell to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, you can use available support items to upgrade and create your advantage.

So, if you like a simple but charismatic survival, online is a great choice right now. You need to prepare your mouse and computer or phone to start long wars with other cells. Try to eat as much as you can to become the biggest on the map here.

How to play

Move the mouse to control your cell, click Space to separate the cell or E to combine

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