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About unblocked is a very exciting multiplayer game that you can play online at school and home. In the adventure that you are going to take part in, you will have to control a tiny cell in a dangerous map. Your goal is to become the biggest player in the shortest time by gaining as much mass as possible. To do that, you need to swallow smaller blobs without being eaten by bigger ones. There are four modes for you to experience, including FFA (Free-for All), Teams, Experimental, and Party. In, viruses can split players which are larger than them into many pieces. However, they are the ideal hiding place for weaker ones. Those who have 16 parts can absorb the virus without being divided. You and other opponents will be able to break yourself into two. It is the funny strategy that you will use to attack the prey which is less than your size. Also, it is effective for you to escape or move quicker. Not only that, it’s interesting when you trick the target by ejecting your mass. When they get enough close, you will break them apart and consume the baited one. Besides, you change skins, predefined words, phrases, symbols. Much fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to move,Spacebar to split, W to eject.

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