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Zombie City Master

Maximus December 3, 2022 Free For All 440

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Zombie City Master puts in a situation that you have to fight the zombies. Are you safe in this battle? Play Zombie City Master unblocked to find the answer.

About Zombie City Master

Zombie City Master is set when zombies are hunting your city together. Now, help the people around to avoid the attack of those zombies. You are the unique hero!

Zombie City Master 2D and the whole town invasion of zombies

You are in a space with more zombies! They are threatening your town. Soon this was turned into ruins. What can you do to improve the situation in Zombie City Master unblocked?

Play Zombie City Master APK and help the woman escape the town

It’s a scary thing now that everyone around has turned into zombies in this 2D io games.

Meanwhile, a woman wakes up in the hospital alone and she’s freaking out. So, she needs your help to avoid the onslaught of zombies. Help her escape from this scary town. You are the only one who can help her in Zombie City Master APK.

Make an effort to collect various props when you enjoy Zombie City Master 2 player. Obviously, they can help you stop zombies in this adventure game online.

Zombie City Master online is really an attractive game with countless thrilling details that you should not ignore.

How to play

Touch the screen for choosing the direction in game.

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