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Stick Wars

Maximus December 2, 2021 Free For All 4263

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About Stick Wars

The never-ending fight between stickman guys is back in Stick War Legacy. Join your team and finish off opponents with guns, bombs and tactics in new challenge modes.

You can experience many attractive stickman matches right here with the game Stick Wars unblocked. There are 3 modes to play, including “Challenges”, “Custom Battle” and “Campaign”. Each mode will bring different challenges for you to alternately play without getting bored. So, in Challenges mode, you’ll practice throwing bombs through spinning circles. Meanwhile, in Campaign mode, you will have a direct confrontation with another team of 3 funny stickman. Your mission is to finish them off by moving and attacking with guns, bombs, boots… The attacks will happen in turn and the last survivor will win.

Besides, you can enjoy lively melodies when you play Stick Wars free online. It will boost your morale higher to fight with excitement. Show off your tactics in how you conquer these fun stickman matches.

How to play

Use the arrows to adjust the direction of the shot, press "space" to shoot, use the left mouse button for other operations.

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