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Friday Night Dustin’

Maximus April 10, 2023 Free For All 2191

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Friday Night Dustin' is an unblocked rhythm game where you can explore a new rap battle. Open the match in Friday Night Dustin' free and get the highest score!

About Friday Night Dustin’

Friday Night Dustin’ is a 2D game with a captivating story and an intense rap battle. Give the boy a hand and end songs with the best score to destroy his rivals!

Friday Night Dustin’ is an online mod with a newer story

And, your adventure in Friday Night Dustin mod online happens in the timeline of Dusttale. In that place, Sans feel exhausted because of the murders by humans. Then, his plan is to take down those humans. And, the target is the Boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Chara cursed and possessed him. After that, he moved to a strange world while running away from his girlfriend’s killer. Presently, he has to face Sans and win against that character to escape.

Friday Night Dustin’ is another FNF game with a crazy and survival rap match

So, you must beat Sans if you’d like to flee from him and even Chara. On the Perseverance song, you can complete your battle and be the survivor if you master how to press the correct arrows. Aside from Sans, you will compete with Papyrus on the Kinemorto song.

Your FNF Dustin game is free to enter. It has three demos.

How to play

Play songs in the game with your arrow keys.

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