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FNF vs Hypno Lullaby Mod

Maximus January 15, 2022 Free For All 6102

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About FNF vs Hypno Lullaby Mod

This is the best mod of Friday Night Funkin where you will become GF and not BF like always. Your opponent is a pokemon with a weird shape, but he challenged you.

FNF vs Hypno Lullaby Mod unblocked includes levels of musical competition you’ve never tried. Here, you will become a GF and have intense competitions with Hypno Lullaby while you are walking in the dark. So, this is probably not the first time GF has become an artist in rhythm music, but it is really cool. And your opponent is also a new character with a unique appearance and a strange voice. He is like a monster and passionate about music, he has challenged in the music war tonight. Show him how good you are in your new role. No need for BF here, you can also become a professional artist with charismatic and proficient playing.

This mod is a great FNF download for Halloween because it has 4 songs with ghost style. These are Safety Lullaby, Left Unchecked, Monochrome and Missingno. You are free to choose your own songs, then wait a few seconds to start a new music war. The song speed may not seem too fast, but you can challenge yourself on a more difficult level. Besides, this mod also brings some interesting things, especially the unknown symbol mechanism. Symbols like English letters will appear during the game and you need to complete them by pressing the corresponding key.

How to play

As always when you play, just click the corresponding arrow keys to score points

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