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FNF Among Us

Maximus September 28, 2022 Free For All 720

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FNF Among Us game is a combination between Friday Night Funkin’ and Among Us. Play FNF Among Us online and defeat the Impostor by using your singing ability!

About FNF Among Us

FNF Among Us is also known as Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Impostor game. It is a beloved mod in which you must escape from the enemy and stay alive in a strange way.

FNF Among Us unblocked is a unique survival match

You will start a skill game online for free inspired by two popular games, FNF and Among Us. In the present challenge, you will have to deal with a famous character from Among Us.

So, Impostor will be the main opponent. And, his goal is to destroy every member of the crew as well as demolish the spaceship. Therefore, you need to defend the ship and even your life at all costs.

The best method that you can apply to become the winner in your Friday Night Funkin mod is to make use of your singing skill. Hence, it promises to be a very interesting story as in FNF.

There are 3 tracks including Sabotage, Sussus Moogus, and Meltdown. They are the places where you can find out the secret character. Try to survive before you finish your task! Besides, there are three difficulty levels to check your talent.

FNF Among Us and its major update

In other words, Vs Impostor V3 Full Week is the main update. Additionally, it makes the initial mod more exciting with 3 new weeks and a song not existing before.

In FNF Among Us V3 unblocked, you realize that you are facing a green character after you explore the first impostor. Meanwhile, he says that he is not an impostor.

Then, Boyfriend must fight against that man through over 7 songs to know who he is. In the current mod, you will utilize possibilities to conquer the match and beat the rival. Obviously, it’s essential to protect yourself until you end every difficulty.

FNF Among Us mod is actually a fantastic rap battle that contains rhythmic songs and intense actions. If you are a fan of Friday Night Funkin and Among Us, you should not forget to enjoy the major update and FNF Among Us V4. Participate in the battle and begin now!

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How to play

WASD or Arrow keys to take control of your player.

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