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Crowd City

Maximus January 8, 2019 Free For All, Team 3494

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About Crowd City

Crowd City is a multiplayer strategy game that is identical to in terms of gameplay. In Crowd City, you control a small group of people at first and navigate them through a big city. There are many people walking through the city, your mission is to interact with them and let them join your group then continue exploring many other places. Your opponents also take control of their own squads, so you can utilize some of the good strategies you know to steal their people, helping you expand your group easily. Be sure to elude all the impediments standing in your way, or else you will hurt your people. You should play tactically to outwit all of your opponents, keep enlarging your group until it becomes the largest one in the whole city, bringing you a victory! Are you up for this challenge? Start the game now and conquer it all!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct and control your group around the city.

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