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Among Float Connect

Maximus November 13, 2022 Free For All 943

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Among Float Connect is a relaxing playfield based on the among us game. Connect two identical items in Among Float Connect to remove them and complete levels!

About Among Float Connect

Among Float Connect puzzle game will launch a series of fantastic stages. Each level also gives the player the same time. Finish the puzzle soon to get high scores!

Among Float Connect is an addictive html5 puzzle game online

Although everything on the playfield of the present Among Float Connect unblocked game looks simple, they can attract you for hours. Meanwhile, you should end every challenge in the shortest time. Then, you will gather a high score.

Play Among Float Connect free online and meet Among characters again

On the screen, there are plenty of tiles and they have the image of those people. After that, you have to look for pairs of identical tiles to get rid of them. Especially, they must be available. It means that you can clear them when nothing covers them.

Play Among Float Connect free online you are going to access a fun html5 puzzle game online. Note that some tiles can float in a few stages. Can you conquer 27 levels quickly? Remember that each stage will own a unique movement pattern! Good luck!

How to play

Click on tiles that have the same image to clear them.

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