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Hooda Stacker 2

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About Hooda Stacker 2

Hooda Stacker 2 math game is fun and addictive puzzle game that you can play online here now. Click to arrange different blocks on the platform to build your buildings.

If you are looking for a math online game to relax, don’t miss the experience with this game. It is a fun game to test your intelligence and creativity in many simple construction puzzles. The gameplay of the game is accessible, but its difficulty increases over time.

Your task is to build your own buildings from the available blocks. You need to make sure all the blocks are firmly established to pass a level. Each block has its own unique shape, and you need to arrange them properly to create the perfect construction without falling.

If any block falls, you will have to start rebuilding from scratch. So, carefully consider the arrangement so that you don’t have to play over and over again. If you find everything a bit messy, click “Return” to reorganize from scratch with a new idea. There is no time limit for each level, so you are free to think.

Square blocks will create a stronger foundation than triangular blocks. But sometimes, the game only gives you triangular blocks to build, even vertical rectangular blocks. Think about putting them together in Hooda Stacker 2 for kids.

So, this game will be an interesting challenge for those who love logic and geometry puzzle genres. Hooda Stacker 2 multiplayer will be a playground for every gamer to showcase their talents and prove their achievements to others. It will help you improve your creativity while playing and relaxing.

How to play

Move the blocks with your mouse and left click to place them on the platform

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