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Transforming Blockies

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About Transforming Blockies

Transforming Blockies for kids gives you challenging intellectual puzzle levels. Just click on the screen to change the shape of the characters and collect stars.

If you are looking for a fun game to entertain, don’t miss this online game. It has simple but addictive gameplay, helping you both play and train your brain. It consists of many levels in succession, you can unlock new levels after completing a certain level.

Each level is a unique challenge that requires your flexible strategy. You can transform the shapes of the characters to help them roll and collect stars along the way. As long as you can collect the most stars, you can play your way, create lots of interesting tips and use them in this puzzle game.

However, each level will have different requirements, requiring you to change the way you play. Sometimes you have to remove the purple angry faces while preserving the smiley faces. Each character can transform in different ways, you need to use them in a reasonable way to win every level.

Besides the fun gameplay, this game also causes excitement with super simple but impressive graphics. It offers many funny characters that have face shapes and can change their expressions with just one click. Besides, the context will change through each screen, the sound is always lively to create inspiration when playing.

All in all, Transforming Blockies unblocked is an addictive online game with novel and unique puzzle gameplay. You will click to change the shape of the characters and use them to solve your puzzles. Make an effort to get 3 stars max and unlock new challenges.

How to play

Click on characters to make them change their shape

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