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Lucky Fisherman

Maximus September 28, 2022 Classic 1118

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Lucky Fisherman free online gives you fishing challenge with time limit. You should be ready with a fishing rod to prepare to get loots and fill the basket.

About Lucky Fisherman

Let’s enjoy Lucky Fisherman 2D together, a relaxing and fun fishing game. Just click to drop the fishing rod and catch the fishes, treasure boxes or whatever you see.

This game is inspired by the classic gold digging game that caused a fever quite a long time ago. But you’ll become a fisherman and fill your basket with fish. You will come to a calm water with a variety of fish, moss and even treasure. Enjoy the fishing trip and fish what you want to earn money!

The gameplay of this animal fishing game is quite simple. You just need to click to drop the fishing rod. Your fishing rod will move back and forth and your job is to choose the correct direction to drop. The bigger the fish you catch, the more money you will get.

Mystery chests can contain gold but you can’t tell how much it is. Meanwhile, each small clump of seaweed will cost $ 2. You should avoid them because it will take a lot of time but not get much profit. Instead, you should focus on fishing the big fish to complete the goal in each level quickly.

In each level, you can fish an infinite number of times within a certain time limit. If time runs out and you haven’t completed your goal, you need to start over. Besides, you can fish more than the target to accumulate through the following levels. The goals will be higher but your time will be less.

You can play Lucky Fisherman free online here and challenge your friends online. This is the place for you to train to become a professional angler with precise reels. Don’t miss out on the hidden treasures inside the water during each of your fishing trips!

How to play

Left click to release fishing rod, arrow key to cut rope if you have a scissor.

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