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Gold Miner

Maximus April 15, 2023 Classic 1284

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Gold Miner online is one of the completely classic games unblocked. Test your new job as a Gold Miner and control your tool to hook the most valuable stones!

About Gold Miner

Gold Miner is a html5 classic game that is popular with a lot of people worldwide. Just use the equipment in the right method and you can collect the stone you like!

Gold Miner is not only a role but also an astonishing game to play free online on your browsers

In the present adventure, you begin as a miner. And, you’ve already explored a good area to mine everything that you are yearning for. In other words, you’ll be able to gather gold, gems, and minerals. Meanwhile, getting them is a way to help you finish the game’s goal.

Gold Miner is a unique classic game with simple controls

Be careful! Although it looks easy to direct your tool, you can face some problems while controlling it. Specifically, the way that you drop the hook will affect how you can pick up stones. Thus, you can miss them if you select the wrong dropping time.

Gold Miner play online on browsers is a playfield that will allow you to spend money on upgrades, for example, explosives. Choose the platform you love and start!

How to play

Release your hook with the Down arrow key or the left or right mouse button. Launch the explosives with the Up arrow key while you're dragging something.

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