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Feed The Figures 2

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About Feed The Figures 2

Feed The Figures 2 unblocked will test your math skills in fun puzzle levels. Try to complete each level by feeding colorful blocks with the right amount of food.

This game is built from colorful geometric blocks and hamburgers. But it gives a strong appeal to many gamers, especially those who love fun math. It is suitable for you to both entertain and exercise your intellect and calculation ability.

Your task is to feed the blocks so that they all eat the required number of hamburgers. You just need to move the block to the food location to feed, but each block will eat an amount of food that matches its ability. And the amount of food has a certain limit in each level.

You need to allocate food for each block according to a certain standard. For example, the blue block will need no food, while the yellow block will eat one and the red block will eat two. Arrange the blocks in the right position to pass the level and unlock new challenges.

After feeding a block, you will click to unlock a new block. Just like that, you will win the level after feeding all the blocks in each level of this puzzle kids game. It’s not too difficult, but you need to think carefully before making a decision so that you don’t play over and over again.

So is Feed The Figures 2 math game your thing? If so, start your experience now and try your hand at the series of puzzle levels from easy to difficult. While playing, you will enjoy cheerful music and friendly and colorful images to always feel relaxed.

How to play

Move the mouse to adjust the position of the blocks, left click to feed them

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