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Among Us Hide and Seek

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Among Us Hide and Seek unblocked game gives you two options. Choose the role you want and start Among Us Hide and Seek to find out the best way to hide or seek!

About Among Us Hide and Seek

Among Us Hide and Seek online is a good game of hide and seek, including characters from Among Us. Begin as a hider or a seeker and fulfill the mission your way!

If you select Hide, you will have to seek the best place in the maze to lurk within the limited time. Meanwhile, you must search for all of the people who are hiding. More importantly, you cannot see them on the map.

It is also a fun Among game where you are able to gather coins while trying to go through the challenge. Actually, these items are scattered around the playfield. However, it’s pretty difficult to move.

Besides, it’s essential for you to earn points. Thus, collecting a high score will allow you to dominate the top spot. It means that you can take control of the leaderboards.

Play Among Us Hide and Seek online and you are capable of joining an interesting top-down adventure set in a maze. Attempt to focus on completing your own goal as fast as you can! Then, you will gain the score that you wish.

How to play

Use the arrow keys or click controls to direct your character.

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