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Teleporting Kittens

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About Teleporting Kittens

Teleporting Kittens hooda math is great puzzle game to test your wisdom. You need to help a lovely character collect as many stars as possible while not crashing.

This game is very simple and easy to play, plus lovely images and bright background. But it contains challenging puzzle system to test every player’s mind. With just a few characters and how to arrange them on a variety of terrain, the game creates puzzles that are both interesting and new.

Your mission is to help your character collect stars in each level, up to 3 stars. But you need to do it wisely to protect your character. You can swap positions between many characters as long as you collect stars and don’t fall. But in some levels, you can’t move certain positions.

Depending on the requirements of each level, you need a different strategy to conquer the challenge. Sometimes just swapping places solves the problem. However, the higher the level, the greater the challenge, then it’s not just a click to swap but more calculations.

Besides, please pay attention to some conditions of logic games on the screen. For example, you cannot touch characters who wear glasses. However, you can swap places between characters while they’re falling. Do this quickly to protect the blue puppies while eliminating the yellow ones.

Teleporting Kittens unblocked will appeal to many players, including childrens. It is not as simple as it seems and can make you regret in many wrong situations. So, can you pass all the levels available in this game to prove your wisdom? The game is available to play online and you will unlock new levels after completing one.

How to play

Left click to swap positions between different characters

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