Shape Shooter 2

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About Shape Shooter 2

Shape Shooter 2 is for you if you are a big fan of the fun and fast-paced io survival game series. What you need to do is control a weapon against countless shapes.

The game setting is in a network world where parts go crazy. It is your responsibility to restore order to this world by piloting a heavy weapon. Your mission is to survive as long as possible on the crowded online battlefield with chaotic running shapes.

In Shape Shooter 2, you take part in battles between characters that have different geometric shapes
In Shape Shooter 2, you take part in battles between characters that have different geometric shapes

With super fast paced, this survival 2D game will challenge your fingers. You need to click to shoot quickly and observe the battlefield to defend. Your enemies are squares, triangles and more. They are always looking for you from all sides while you are alone. So be careful with your surroundings and upgrade non-stop!

The fight will become more and more fierce, not allowing you to rest. You have to move skillfully to dodge enemies and destroy as many enemies as possible. Besides, you need to collect useful items to increase strength. You should also learn how to use special skills to your advantage.

As you level up, you will have a new shape and better new powers. You can shoot faster, deal more damage and thus have a better advantage. But do not be subjective because your enemies will be more and more crowded. Perhaps you should use the large grenade shape to escape the siege in an emergency situation.

Are you ready for the typical survival battle in Shape Shooter 2 unblocked? This is where you have to be agile if you want to survive and come back victorious. This survival gameplay is similar to Zombie Hunters online, an online game available here.

How to play

Move mouse to look around and shoot, left click to use skills

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