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Noob Vs Pro 3

Maximus September 19, 2022 Battle Royale 910

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Noob Vs Pro 3 online is the third installment of the free and addictive survival shooter game. Get ready with weapons in hand to survive as long as you can.

About Noob Vs Pro 3

Let’s explore Noob Vs Pro 3 2D together and join the unique pixel survival. You need to craft weapons, buy upgrades and improve your strategy to destroy everything.

The story of the game is about the funny pixel guy’s journey to kill zombies. He is accidentally transported to a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are everywhere. Now, he must learn to survive with only a pistol in hand. And you need to help him kill every zombie and find his way back home.

Like Subway Surfers game, this game is an endless journey. But it has a clear level system and only allows you to unlock new levels after completing the tasks in the previous level. Besides, the challenge will become more difficult as zombies will be more. You have to upgrade everything to survive as long as you can.

Unlike Squidly game, this game does not have a co-op mode for you to play with friends. So get ready to survive alone in the zombies world and on roads! You can earn money by killing zombies and use it to make weapons or buy upgrades. That is the basis for you to extend your survival time here.

Besides the gameplay, the game also impresses with its classic and unique pixel design. Zombie images look funny, not hideous as you imagine. Besides, the shooting effects are also quite lively and the game context is also very diverse.

So Noob Vs Pro 3 unblocked will not disappoint you with this funny action gameplay. You can become the best zombie killer if you are brave enough, agile and smart upgrade strategy. Challenge your friends and see who survives the longest!

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How to play

Move with D or right arrow, shoot with left mouse

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