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Crazy Flips 3D

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About Crazy Flips 3D

Show off your artistic acrobatics in Crazy Flips 3D unblocked now. You are a sports athlete and always try to conquer every challenge in addictive acrobatic levels.

You can enjoy simple yet engaging sports gameplay in Crazy Flips 3D free to play. Your athlete is waiting to perform acrobatics and land at the target point on the ground. You will in turn pass the levels with the maximum score and be ready to conquer the next levels. There are dozens of levels to play, explore and train your acrobatic skills to become a pro athlete.

The game will have a detailed tutorial on how to play the game for new gamers. It seems simple because you just need to touch, hold and click the mouse to perform front flips, flips and landings. But do not be subjective, only the right moves will help your character hit the right target and score points. Besides, practice regularly because experience will help you win levels in 3D sports games online like Crazy Flips 3D.

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How to play

Click and hold the mouse to jump, left click to perform acrobatic tricks

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