Angry Worms

Maximus October 14, 2021 Battle Royale 679

About Angry Worms

Angry Worms is the popular slither game today with many improvements. Become a small worm and try to grow into a big worm to rank first on the game leaderboard now.

The player’s task in Angry Worms free online is simply to control the worm moving on the map continuously. Thereby, eat glowing objects on the screen to increase the size of the main character. At the same time, you also have to dodge larger worms if you don’t want to fail soon. The killing mechanism in the game is quite familiar, which is to use the character’s body to block their head. Or if their head is stabbed into your character, their will lose.

Angry Worms unblocked is a multiplayer io online game so you will have to face many other opponents in real-time. This will certainly bring high competition because anyone wants to be on the leaderboard of the game even once. In addition, this game can work stably on the web browser so you can play it on many different devices.

How to play

Move the mouse and click the left mouse button to help your worm move and accelerate in a short time

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