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Slope City 2

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Slope City 2 unblocked is one of the best choices to entertain. Start Slope City 2 game online and move throughout the playfield without hitting any trap now!

About Slope City 2

Slope City 2 is a free and funny html5 game online taking place in a dark and strange location. Aside from racing, it’s possible to unlock and purchase upgrades.

Discover the map in Slope City 2 game with only a ball

At the moment, you can travel around this Slope Ball game your way. Besides, it is a place that is full of dangers. Hence, you need to watch and focus on the track. Then, you can reach the goal spot to win.

Dodge everything dangerous in Slope City 2, a fun Slope Ball game, to survive and win

Slope City 2 game is an exciting game field set in mid-air. And, it’s actually far from the ground. Not only that, it contains a large number of running tracks that are not connected together.

So, you must move to the left and right constantly if you want to continue your race. Moreover, you should gather helpful items that are effective to open upgrades and something amazing in the shop.

With a ball, you can play Slope City 2 free online on your browsers easily. Don’t miss gems to buy what you like!

How to play

Press the A and D keys or the Left and Right arrow keys to move to the right or left side.

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