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SCAR game unblocked comes with a survival fight between multiple players. Roam around the land in SCAR and remove other people with your items and abilities!

About SCAR

SCAR is actually a breathtaking multiplayer battle royale game. With weapons that you pick up and your skills, you can take control of the entire battlefield sooner.

Play SCAR for free and beat every character in your new online game!

First and foremost, you will become an important man in the 3D car racing game that you’ll experience. However, it’ll quickly turn into a survival battle. In fact, you’re joining a thrilling match against multiple challengers. And, your goal is to survive. Hence, you should clear them.

SCAR is a multiplayer battle in the battle royale genre

As a result, you have to fend off all of the rivals until you are the ultimate player. And, it’s not a simple objective in this new game online. Actually, your enemies are strong, and collecting the best weapons is hard. Meanwhile, you can gather and direct many vehicles.

Aside from that, you can manage your thinking ability to overcome every case. For that reason, using a careful strategy can help your survivor take over the spot that you wish.

Generally, it’s time you play SCAR game online on PC and find out the most interesting ways to put down your opponents!

How to play

Move your player across the playfield or control means with arrow keys or WASD keys Roam or run with CapsLock Sprint in-game with Shift Taunt a player with T Roll your body with Spacebar Pick another available weapon with \ or scroll the mouse's wheel Get something with G Cause damage with F Reload the tool with R Visit the scoreboard with Tab Choose the action button with E Select the visual with V Change the character's position or the vehicle camera with the mouse

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