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House of Hazards

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House of Hazards unblocked is a Skill HTML5 game. You do tasks around the house in House of Hazards game and attempt to avoid hazards.

About House of Hazards

House of Hazards is an LoL action game. It is about doing tasks around the house using great skills. You have to avoid hazards as you try to complete tasks to win.

House of Hazards lets you use your great fighting skills to fight against challenges

There are challenges in the house for you to fight against. So, you need to make use of your skills to defeat them. You will do tasks in the house but you also need to avoid hazards. For instance, you will protect yourself from light fittings, misfiring taps, flying toast slices, etc.

The tasks for you to do in House of Hazards game are also diverse

You will perform some tasks such as making coffee, checking the mailbox, giving flowers water, etc. They are also simple tasks for you to do in this skill HTML5 game. However, you need to watch out for challenges as you do those tasks.

House of Hazards unblocked will bring you a nice adventure with tasks as well as challenges to vanquish.

How to play

Controls for Player 1:

  • Interact with or change the hazard selection using A/D.
  • Jump with W.
  • Crouch, grab a player, or turn on hazard using S.

Controls for Player 2:

  • Interact with or change the hazard selection with J/L.
  • Jump with I.
  • Crouch, grab a player, or turn on a hazard using K.

Gamepad needed for Player 3-4:

  • Interact with or change hazard selection with the left stick.
  • Jump with the button south.
  • Crouch, grab a player, as well as turn on a hazard using button east.

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