Time Shooter 2

Maximus May 16, 2022 3D Games 2052

About Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2 unblocked gives you epic first person shooting battles. You should pick up weapons and have a proper plan before you act, enemies are around you anytime.

If you love a shooting game, you probably shouldn’t miss the chance to play this game here. It is a free game and can be run online for any gamer to play all the time without downloading. So get ready with your weapons and gear to start the breathtaking 3D shooting wars right away.

The game includes a unique level system for you to try out with challenges from easy to difficult. Each level is a fierce battle where you have to face one, two or even dozens of enemies at the same time. To survive, you need to choose the right weapon and have a wise battle plan.

Choose your weapon before you act, as your enemies will react as you move. Any weapon will do, from knives, hammers, shotguns, shotguns and more. Besides, you can take advantage of the terrain when you play Time Shooter 2 online. You can find bombs somewhere and use them to create explosions.

Your enemies will grow larger and more agile with each level. They even possess modern weapons like you and will move faster the faster you move. So a shotgun is sometimes more useful than a shotgun, an ax is sometimes more useful than a bomb.

Time Shooter 2 is one of the best Survival 3D games on our web browser. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the survival shooting levels on the fully 3D scene and beautiful slow-motion scenes. Come and test your prowess in first person shooter wars!

How to play

Move the character with WASD or arrow keys, left click to shoot and right click to throw weapons

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