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Super Star Car

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Super Star Car unblocked is a car racing game. You can choose a car in Super Star Car then start driving it to become the best racer with a great championship.

About Super Star Car

Super Star Car is a fun driving 3D game online with a variety of cars. You can pick your favorite one then start a race where you can perform your racing skills.

Super Star Car is a great car racing game that challenges and practices your car-racing skills

When you choose a car then you can start the race. You have to drive your car at high speeds and drive it around corners without touching any trouble. Besides, you also need to speed up as well as try to cross the finish line to become the winner.

Lots of campaign races for you to play in Super Star Car game

When you play Super Star Car online game, you can join amazing campaign races to level up yourself. There are also upgrades for you to use to increase your performance. Besides, the game also features realistic sounds as well as detailed 3D graphics to make the race more amazing.

Super Star Car 3D unblocked brings you great races and makes you the best racer.

How to play

Speed up your car with W or up arrow key. Steer to the left or right with A/D or left/right arrow keys. Change the camera view with C. Respawn the position with Spacebar. You can play the game with Xbox Controller.

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