Subway Surfers World Tour Houston

Maximus January 27, 2022 3D Games 2187

About Subway Surfers World Tour Houston

Return to your childhood with Subway Surfers World Tour Houston unblocked! Your mission is to pass the crowded train tracks and collect gold coins to unlock new things.

Subway Surfers is the most outstanding endless running game series of all time. So you can’t miss its latest experience in Subway Surfers houston 2021, the latest updated version of the game. As always, you will play the game as a fun boy and have to complete the running challenges on the station route. He needs to run away from the police after crazy thefts but now the challenges are more intense. Take good control of your character to overcome all obstacles without harm. But do not forget that you also have to collect money and valuable items to use in critical situations.

Initially, the challenges in the World Tour series are relatively easy as the obstacles will stand still while you run. Then, you just need to run left, right, jump up or down to dodge them. However, when the running time is longer, you may encounter trains running in the opposite direction at super fast speeds and a series of other obstacles on the way. Don’t let the collisions happen again and again if you don’t want the police to catch you. Besides, you can hold down Space to run faster but don’t overdo it. Your character can run like flying on a skateboard, but control him well to avoid accidents. In addition, you need to pay attention to items such as magnets or X2 … They will be useful to increase gold coins, helping you to accumulate money in your account for unlocking new characters. However, the new characters will not have new skills, they simply make you more excited with this HTML5 online.

How to play

Use the left, right, up and down arrow keys to move left, right, jump and slide.

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