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Subway Clash Remastered

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Subway Clash Remastered lets you fight as a leader of a team with strong soldiers. You fight against enemy team, collect points, and rule the battleground.

About Subway Clash Remastered

Subway Clash Remastered focuses on a showdown between strong soldiers. You play with teammates then guide them to defeat the enemy team using weapons and strategies.

Subway Clash Remastered gives you a chance to prove your shooting skills

The game has become a part of the series Subway Clash games. It is a shooter game where your shooting skills are important. Hence, the game is a chance for you to prove your skills as well as practice them through great levels.

You play it in the third-person perspective. However, you don’t play as a solitary player. Instead, you play with a team and you become the leader of your team. As a leader, you must use good strategies to lead your team to win.

Winning is so easy if you do the following advice

The battle takes place on a map. So, you explore it as you try to aim and shoot enemies. On your way, you can collect weapons with nice features. For instance, you can use an AK47 or launch a grenade. Or, you can use a rocket launcher with a shotgun.

These weapons help you defeat enemies. However, you need to use them smartly as well as play with good strategies for performance improvement. Killing enemies brings you a good number of points.

Subway Clash Remastered takes you to a tactical map where your skills and strategies are required

Since you play on a tactical subway map, you have to observe your surroundings to avoid enemy shots. Work with your team as well as use your strategies to get to the victory.

Play Subway Clash Remastered online to perform your shooting skills and explore a crazy gun battle. The game is free and playable on browsers or other devices. You can also play Subway Clash Remastered 2 to improve your skills.

How to play

Shoot enemies with the left mouse button and aim at them with the right mouse button Move your character with WASD or arrow keys Crouch with C Jump with spacebar Show the score board with TAB

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