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Subway Clash 2

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Subway Clash 2 game lets you fight against enemies in a subway-themed battle. You have to shoot enemies to get scores and rule the leaderboard to win.

About Subway Clash 2

Subway Clash 2 is a subway-themed shooting game. It brings crazy battles in which you make use of lots of weapons and skills to aim then shoot enemies in the arena.

Shooting games with a third-person perspective are various online. Hence, you can choose some good games to play to master your skills. For instance, Subway Clash 2– a game like Subway Clash 3D is a good choice for you to play to show your shooting skills.

Subway Clash 2 is fun for you to explore and play

The game is made with a subway theme, making the battleground more amazing. You take part in a battle in this subway then you utilize lots of weapons as well as tactics to defeat enemies. They are strong enemies with good skills.

Use your shooting skills smartly to defeat enemies on the battleground

Since the enemies are strong, you must pay attention to them as you explore the arena. You are equipped with lots of weapons. These weapons are diverse in features. So, you should make use of them to shoot enemies and beat them before they defeat you.

Subway Clash 2 gives you health and weapons as you defeat enemies

For each enemy you kill, you can collect health and weapons. As you play, your health will be decreased. So, you need to keep it balanced by collecting more health from the defeated enemies. Besides, you can improve your gameplay by using strong weapons.

Besides amazing gameplay, the game also provides you with other features. For instance, it has nice 3D graphics, weapons, actions, and a leaderboard for you to keep track of your score.

In Subway Clash 2 unblocked, your goal is to defeat enemies to get scores. Then, you reach the top rank that is on the leaderboard. By doing so, you will become the winner of the battle.

How to play

WASD or arrow keys for the movement. C for crouching. G for launching a grenade. Tab for showing the score table. Number keys for changing weapons. Left mouse to shoot and the right mouse to aim. Spacebar for jumping. L for locking or unlocking the mouse.

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