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Ships 3D

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Ships 3D free online is here for you to join the epic and fast-paced pirate war. Get ready to compete with up to 20 players with giant cannons on your boat.

About Ships 3D 3D will challenge your fighting ability in the wars at sea. You can use your cannons to tear apart your opponent’s ship and return with victory and title.

This is a great multiplayer HTML5 game inspired by a realistic naval setting. But it’s more fun thanks to the friendly 3D design and simple control mechanism. However, the attraction and competition of the game is not less than the reality because this is an online battlefield with a large scale.

Play Ships 3D iO Multiplayer Online
Play Ships 3D iO Multiplayer Online

You will join the io battlefield with many players around the globe. Your mission is to destroy all to win and become the king of the seas. To do this, you learn how to steer the ship and use cannons. If you are a new player, you should take the help of a Bot to achieve accurate shots.

But when you’re ready, you can control the ship yourself and shoot your own guns. You also need to have a smart strategy to both defend and attack, thereby gaining an advantage against all opponents. Besides, if you don’t like single player, you can play Ships 3D with friends. Let’s work together to conquer the vast ocean!

Like Stabfish 2, this game is quite competitive because up to 20 players in a fight. But it will help you relax with fun battles on the cool blue ocean background. It also provides wide viewing angle for you to shoot ships to first or third person perspective.

Now’s the time to join Ships 3D unblocked and find your spot on the leaderboard. The fast-paced pirate battles will make you unable to take your eyes off. Don’t miss upgrading your ship and cannon to move faster and shoot faster and more accurately.

How to play

Interact with sails and cannons with F Move with WASD and use the mouse to look around

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